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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Warlord RPG-Update-Kinda-Thingy...

Greetings True Believ...err I can't do that can I? Stan Lee might club me with a copy of the Marvel Superheroes RPG...let's try that again...

Greetings Warlord fans!

I just wanted to announce to everyone that the Warlords of the Accordlands RPG arrived here at the AEG offices the other day, and we've been hella busy getting all of the distributor orders shipped out the past couple of days. The books are beautiful (IMHO they're prettier than the L5R 3.0 book), and we're oh so happy to see them in actual print. Here's a link to a Temple of Lore post I made when we had the test copies in. The actual books look just the same...so they'll do (because I'm lazy and don't want to take more pictures of the books) for your viewing pleasure. Clever

The Warlords of the Accordlands RPG (that means all 4 books) are scheduled to release on June 12, 2006...a scant 3 weeks away! The four books will be available from your local retailer all at the same time, so no waiting for that next expansion book to release so you can find out the stats of the Nine Cats of Hell! Here's a breakdown of each book...

The Master Codex: This is the book that everyone will need a copy of to play. All of the rules for running the Warlords of the Accordlands RPG will be contained here, as well as all of the basic player information. Lots of juicy stuff related to Warlord...many new classes too! Did I mention that we now have race+class specific abilities? That means, for example, that an Elf Assassin has a couple tricks up their sleeves that a Nothrog doesn't, and vice versa!

The World Atlas: Ah yes, all of the story that is the Accordlands. From the dawn of time, to the Great Dragon, and all that has followed in the Great Dragon's wake. Plenty of world history here, as well as breakdowns for each faction in the game, and other things as well!

The Monsters & Lairs Book: Pretty much says it outright. All of the Warlord-specific monsters are here in this compendium, all statted out to help a GM mangle their players! There are also rules on how to play non-standard races as character classes! (Make sure to check out the Mountain Troll lair...I'm very proud of that!)

The Campaign Book: Here we go...25 interlocking adventures that are designed not only to take your characters from 1st level to 20th...but to tackle one of the most difficult and elusive villanous groups of the Accordlands...THE MEDUSAN LORDS! (insert dramatic echo) The book is darn near 700 pages long...so there's a lot of content there to keep your players busy for awhile! Woohoo

That's all for now. My next post should have information about the "Warlord-A-Week" project I'm working on, some support information for the Warlord RPG...and I may break the roleplay area with some talk about the Warlord CCG and DragonLords!


Mike Leader
AEG Sales & Customer Service Manager
Regional DragonLord Program Coordinator
Gwyr'neth-Ra - Medusan Lord


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