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Friday, May 26, 2006

Warlord RPG 20 Questions...

When we sit down to prepare our characters for any RPG, we should always be willing to go through the "20 Questions" process for each game. Not only does it help the GM better prepare for your character the adventure to come, but it gets you in touch with your character. The more time you take to answer questions about who they are and why they are, you identify with them just a little bit more...and it endears them to you.

While there was not enough space in the Warlord RPG books for character fleshing ideas, there is PLENTY of space on the 'net for them! So below you'll find my list for the 20 questions for Warlord RPG Characters...

1) What race/nationality is your character?

What you are defines quite a bit about who you are in the Accordlands. Be sure of what race path you wish to travel, not all of them are as easy as you might think.

2) What is your character’s name and what does your character look like?

That description of your character is something that you need to fully visualize to help you place them in your RPG campaign. Much like how a novelist visualizes their protagonist, you need to do this early on, as it helps define them just as much as the other questions do.

3) What quirks or mannerisms makes your character unique?

Everyone has quirks and mannerisms. I tend to talk fast when I'm excited and that says something about me. What mannerisms define who your character is? Look at some of your own quirks, or even some of your friends and family's quirks...you'll see.

4) What is your character’s motivation in life?

What drives her to be an adventurer? You're not Kane, you don't just decide to walk the earth to do good...What are the things that drive your character?

5) What is your character’s greatest strength? Her greatest weakness?

Defining both of these are necessary tools. Rather than find them while roleplaying, it allows your GM to tackle issues with your character early on, and allow them to blossom slowly into great roleplaying situations.

6) What are your character’s most and least favorite things?

Items/things that you hate and love stem from good and bad experiences in your life, in both childhood and adulthood...so these allow you a bit of an insight into your character's youthful mind.

7) What event defined to your character who she is today?

Everyone, especially RPG characters, goes through a life-changing event. Parents murdered, property stolen, grevious bodily harm, psychological trauma...they all shape characters into who and what they are...being beaten up by bullies at an early age can create a future hero or a future villain...it's all in how your character takes what happened to her.

8) What does your character fear the most?

Fears can be serious trauma or minor quirks...but we're all afraid of something. This creates further roleplaying tools that help your GM create a tailored game for you.

9) What goals would your character be striving towards?

All heroes and villains have goals. Small ones (wipe out/save a small town) to large ones (bring an empire to it's knees/save a troubled empire), they give your hero direction. This question is a jumping off point for much story, and the answer can actually change over the course of your character's adventuring career.

10) What does your character’s home nation mean to her?

Just as in the real world, a home nation or language can pidgeon-hole who you are to others immediately. Not everyone feels the same way about where they come from, so whether the character is a die-hard patriot, or a traitorous scum, how you feel about your homeland is important to who you are.

11) Does your character have any prejudices against other races or nations?

Just as in real life, prejudices mar the consciousness of all beings. Humans hate the Elves, Nothrog dislike the Deverenians, and it's not all exclusive. It's ok for a character to have prejudices...but it's best to define them going into a game, with the hope that a good story can help that character overcome that handicap.

12) Who/What is your character loyal to?

Everyone is loyal to someone or something. A job, a king, a nation, an ideals system, even a brand (Go Frito-Lay!).

13) Describe your character’s personal loss to the constant warfare in the Accordlands.

In the world of the Accordlands, warfare has touched every life in every corner of the world. Everyone has lost someone or something dear to them during their life. What person/object was lost to your character, and how did it drive/hurt them?

14) Does your character have any family in the Accordlands?

15) Would your character’s family be proud of her? How would they perceive how your character handles her life?

You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. What they think of your character helps define who that character is. Do they have a nagging mother, or a strict father, or that annoying kid brother who tags along all the time? What would they think of what the character is doing with their life?

16) Is your character religious at all? If so, what religion? How pious is your character?

Religion in a fantasy world is always an interesting topic, but most players only have characters that are religious if they are a cleric. If this were true, then what do all those clerics do if they're not adventuring? ;) Religion is important in the world of the Accordlands, with many different gods who help their worshippers, or aren't able to...religion means something to the people there, as it does in many places that suffer strife for many years.

17) Does your character belong to a special order or organization? Explain.

How many folks have played a paladin? Raise your hands. Ok, now how many of you detailed the order you belonged to? Wow...not a lot of hands. What organizations you belong to further define your character...give it a whirl and define one completely if your GM will allow it.

18) Has your character worked under one or more of the heroes/villains in the Accordlands (Sir Robert, Krun, etc.)? If so whom and where?

There are many heroes/villains in the Accordlands (ok more villains but who's counting), and it is very plausible that your character may have met one or worked for them briefly. Have a favorite character from the CCG? If it's ok with the GM, work them into your background!

19) In a world that has lost all of it’s heroes and powerful forces of good, how does your character feel about trying to fill those kinds of shoes?

The assassin's strike wiped out all of the heroes in the Accordlands in one night. The prospects of filling gigantic shoes like that isn't easy for every character. While it's a question they'll never have to worry about answering out loud, sometimes the prospects of hero-ing aren't as cracked up as they seem to be. Food for thought...

20) What advice would you, the player, give to your character as they set out on their first adventure?

This is a place for you to give advice to your character. Whether you as the player choose to heed your own advice is up to you...but identifying the troubles your character can get into before they get started isn't a bad idea.

Well there ya go. I hope that was helpful. :)


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